'Viva La Bands, Vol 2' Track Listing Revealed

July 17, 2007

In his position as one of the world's leading pop culture icons and most acclaimed action sports athletes, Bam Margera has made it his mission to expose an entire generation of his peers to some original high-energy music through his "Viva La Bands" album and tour series. Brought to you by Ferret Music and Filthy Note Records, "Viva La Bands, Vol. 2" will hit stores on September 4, 2007 to show us all how it's really done!

The CD features exclusive tracks, written and recorded for the CD/DVD combo from some of Bam's favorite acts like CLUTCH, IN FLAMES, CKY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, VIKING SKULL and VAINS OF JENNA. A U.S.-exclusive track from SHINY TOY GUNS and music from other faves like GWAR, THE SOUNDS, DIMMU BORGIR and KILL HANNAH also appears on the killer compilation. The full track listing for the 20-song album is displayed below.

Bam is as excited for the release as fans around the world will be… "I'm so fucking psyched that some of my favorite bands recorded exclusive songs this time around! CLUTCH and IN FLAMES fucking rock and my brother Jess did a sick CKY remix. Obviously THE SOUNDS are one of my favorite bands — my wife even insisted that they play our wedding. I also sent the first band I signed, VAINS OF JENNA, into the studio to record a new track for the record."

The DVD component to this rocking release contains almost an hour of never-before-seen Bam footage — a must-have for the 'Jackass generation!' Revealing what makes the DVD special, Bam adds, "I'm finding some of my best, unused footage for the DVD. Everyone keeps asking me for a CKY5 but I think this DVD might be the closest thing to that!"

"Viva La Bands" companion tour will be taking out some of Bam's favorite acts and is estimated to visit over 20 cities in the USA beginning in October 2007. Fans can also expect to see Bam and his friends at select shows.

"Viva La Bands, Volume 2" track listing:

01. CLUTCH - "King of Arizona" *
02. IN FLAMES - "Abnegation" *
03. CHILDREN OF BODOM - "Tie My Rope" *
04. CKY - "Rio Bravo" (Remix) *
05. THE SOUNDS - "Ego" (Alan Moulder UK Mix)
06. SHINY TOY GUNS - "Rocketship"
07. BLOODHOUND GANG - "Screwing You On The Beach At Night" *
08. GWAR - "War Is All We Know"
09. THE 69 EYES - "Shadow Of Your Love"
10. PRIESTESS - "Lay Down"
11. DIMMU BORGIR - "The Serpentine Offering"
12. KILL HANNAH - "Believer"
13. VIKING SKULL - "Blackened Sunrise" *
14. VAINS OF JENNA - "Enemy in Me" *
15. A LIFE ONCE LOST - "Firewater Joyride"
17. MELODY CLUB - "Take Me Away"
18. THE THIEVES - "Vacant Thoughts"
19. MALEVOLENT CREATION - "Buried In A Nameless Grave"
20. GNARKILL - "Dico At The Piano Bar"

* Exclusive tracks

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