VIXEN Guitarist Talks About Band's New Lineup

June 28, 2005

Denmark's Antenna webzine recently conducted an interview with VIXEN guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. Several excerpts from the chat follow:

Antenna: Who are the members of VIXEN now?

Jan Kuehnemund: "I'm Jan Kuehnemund; I'm the guitarist. My band members are bassist Lynn Louise Lowrey, drummer Kat Kraft and singer Jenna Sanz-Agero."

Antenna: With you as the only original member in the line-up, do you think that it's right to call the band VIXEN?

Jan Kuehnemund: "Yeah, of course I do. I own that name. I think it was the first word I uttered as an infant [laughs]. Before VIXEN, you recall, there were other members than Janet, Roxy and Share, so I don't see any reason not to call it VIXEN."

Antenna: What happened with the "Tangerine" album? You didn't have any participation in that album, right?

Jan Kuehnemund: "No, absolutely not. I sued them back then."

Antenna: Did you win?

Jan Kuehnemund: "I certainly did. That's why I have the name."

Antenna: So there's unfriendly emotions between you, Janet and Roxy?

Jan Kuehnemund: "No, not at all. We did the VH1 thing called 'Bands Reunited' together, so we're all on great speaking terms. They've all moved on to different projects now. They actually all signed our guestbook on our new website, wishing me and the new members the best of luck in the future."

Antenna: Between VIXEN's breakup in the early Nineties following your "Rev it Up" album and up until now, what have you been doing?

Jan Kuehnemund: "I've played in different groups. One was an all-guy band except for myself, which was the first time I've ever played with an all-guy band. I also played with some female friends of mine for a while. I've kept myself busy playing and writing."

Antenna: Do you ever think the original VIXEN will ever reunite to record new material?

Jan Kuehnemund: "We did the 'Bands Reunited' thing. I don't think Share wants to ever do another show ever again; she made that quite clear. She has her own band in which she plays guitar and sings. Janet has her family in Conneticut and is studying to become a dental assistant, so she's all out of the music business. Roxy's is in this project with her sister. I don't think it will ever happen."

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