April 13, 2020

MAGNUS KARLSSON'S FREE FALL will release a new album, "We Are The Night", on May 8 via Frontiers Music Srl. The official music video for the second single, "Queen Of Fire", featuring BATTLE BEAST vocalist Noora Louhimo, can be seen below.

Aside from Noora, other guest vocalists on the album include Frontiers' newest vocal sensation Renan Zonta of ELECTRIC MOB, Dino Jelusick of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and ANIMAL DRIVE, Ronnie Romero of RAINBOW, Mike Andersson of CLOUDSCAPE, and former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin.

On making the album, Magnus says: "After all hours of songwriting and recording, I sat back and listened to the final mixes and wondered, 'How can I ever top this album?' It has the sound and vibe I've always been searching for. Old and new friends that I admire are singing their hearts out and making the songs better than I ever could have dreamed of! Well, the third FREE FALL album is something really special to me and I hope it will be that for you too!"

Karlsson is well known as the mastermind behind several Frontiers productions, including the successful initial ALLEN/LANDE trilogy and the recent spin-off album, ALLEN/OLZON, as well as releases by STARBREAKER (with Tony Harnell),Bob Catley, and KISKE/SOMERVILLE. In 2008, he joined German heavy metal icons PRIMAL FEAR and with them has toured the world and recorded several successful albums which charted in multiple countries around the globe.

In 2013, he launched his solo project FREE FALL, which was warmly received by the numerous fans of the Swedish mastermind and showcased Magnus's songwriting and production skills with lead vocals provided by a varied cast of some the finest singers of the genre.

For this new album, "We Are The Night", Magnus again enlisted a dream team featuring some of the strongest melodic singers in metal and hard rock. Rounding out the lineup on the album is Anders Kollerfors on drums with mixing by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRIMAL FEAR, AMARANTHE, PRETTY MAIDS).

Track listing:

01. Hold Your Fire (Dino Jelusick)
02. Kingdom Falls (Renan Zonta)
03. We Are The Night (Magnus Karlsson)
04. Queen Of Fire (Noora Louhimo)
05. Dreams And Scars (Renan Zonta)
06. All The Way To The Stars (Mike Andersson)
07. One By One (Ronnie Romero)
08. Under The Black Star (Dino Jelusick)
09. Temples And Towers (Tony Martin)
10. Don’t Walk Away (Magnus Karlsson)
11. On My Way Back To Earth (Instrumental)
12. Far From Over (Tony Martin)

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