WEDNESDAY 13: I'd Love To Entertain The Idea Of Doing Another MURDERDOLLS Tour

February 14, 2008

Jordan Healy of The Rebel Yell reports: Due to label issues in the past, Wednesday 13 released his "Weirdo A Go-Go" DVD himself, and after seeing the results decided to self-release his new albums as well.

"You don't need a record label to sell records. You can do it on your own," Wednesday said. "I want to shadow what I did with labels in the past, here's what I did on my own and compare it. The results have been better on my own, sticking to my guns."

Wednesday's latest record, "Skeletons", is set to be his darkest and heaviest record output yet. Recorded during what he refers to as his "dark period," the album explores his misfortunes and struggles over the past couple years.

In addition to "Skeletons", he will also be releasing an EP entitled "Bloodwork". The disc is set to feature B-sides from "Skeletons" as well as covers, and two acoustic versions of songs from the new album.

"I want to do something different. Give a record, give an EP and stuff so the fans won't have to track down bonus tracks in Japan, Australia, and Europe," Wednesday says.

Sometime in the future, Wednesday would also like to release another BOURBON CROW album as well as more episodes of "Weirdo A Go-Go", his homage to shows such as "Peewee's Playhouse".

As for any new material from the MURDERDOLLS, the future is wide open.

"I'd love to entertain the idea of doing another tour or something, or maybe another record one day. I never say no to it because as soon as I say no to it I'll get a phone call," he said." Stranger things have happened, so we'll see. Anything's possible."

Read more at The Rebel Yell.

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