WITHERED Offers Recording Update

February 29, 2008

Atlanta's WITHERED has entered the studio to record the band's Prosthetic Records debut, "Folie Circulaire", with producer Phillip Cope (KYLESA, BARONESS, BLACK TUSK),which is tentatively scheduled for a summer release. "Everything is going very well," guitarist Mike Thompson says. "Phillip has a great ear and a great vision for this album. I think it will likely exceed our expectations. Phillip has really gotten a grasp of how we want the record to sound and done a great job of getting in our heads. We were able to transform The Jam Room into our own little world. We've been sleeping on the floor and have completely lost track of time. There are no windows or clocks. The focus has been incredible."

"We chose to work with Phillip because we've known him for a long time and his crusty background with Damad and Kylesa is something we really wanted to incorporate into the record," Thompson elaborates. "A full tilt death or black metal production would have been the wrong direction. Phillip is also a big fan of black and death metal which gives him a unique perspective that we can trust." An image of the band and Cope can be viewed here.

"Folie Circulaire" is the follow-up to 2005's critically-acclaimed "Memento Mori", and will be the band's Prosthetic Records debut. Tentatively scheduled for a May release, more information will be available shortly. An unnamed demo song from "Folie Circulaire", along with previous material, is available on WITHERED's official MySpace page.

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