rating icon 5 / 10

Track listing:

01. Nanu
02. Peace Officer
03. 14 Left
04. Rotten Strawberries
05. Belligerence
06. 3 O'Clock Love Letter
07. Ephedrine
08. Diary Of A Serial Killer
09. Cheese Wheel
10. Sludge
11. Peace Officer (Black & Blue Mix)

Not much to say here. Like RELATIVE ASH, SLAVES ON DOPE and PRIMER 55, Detroit's FACTORY 81 are a faceless, generic nu-metal band who possess neither the songwriting ability nor the ingenuity to compete with the big boys, coming across instead like a bad copy of the kind of DEFTONES / LIMP BIZKIT / KORN-inspired sounds that are performed infinitely more convincingly by their home state buddies TAPROOT.


As is the case with the aforementioned bands, the production here is above average, and the musicianship is competent, but there is nothing on Mankind that even remotely suggests that FACTORY 81 have the potential—or even the desire—to develop a sound of their own. Devoid of quality songs, Mankind simply sounds tired, rehashed and contrived—a virtual parody of the genre that had spawned it.

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