rating icon 7 / 10

Track listing:

01. Make Your Own Bones
02. Bleeder
03. Same Solution
04. For All The Sin
05. Can't Wait For Violence
06. Dead Like Me
07. Blue Skin
08. Filthy
09. Hidden Hands
10. American Love
11. Everlasting Godstopper
12. Piss & Vinegar

The group's first CD since signing with TVT Records in early 1999 (and third overall),NOTHINGFACE's latest is a relatively enjoyable blend of unadulterated aggression and saccharine melodies that help lift this 12-track release above the bulk of the more predictable sounds coming from the current heavy rock scene. Standing out like a sore thumb in a scene over-populated by LIMP BIZKIT-wannabes, NOTHINGFACE's mixture of PANTERA-like brutality and the kind of ultra-melodic approach that is occasionally reminiscent of a more energetic TOOL comes across as refreshingly unique, so much so that one can almost forgive the fact that the band have not yet mastered the art of truly great songwriting.


At their best, NOTHINGFACE are capable of delivering some excellent moments, such as on "Bleeder" and "Dead Like Me", that are driven largely by the aforementioned interplay of pretty vocal melodies and power-packed rhythms, many of which come across as virtually interchangeable. However, more often than not, NOTHINGFACE still rely on pure aggression to get their point across, and their sense of dynamics takes a backseat to the kind of testosterone-driven groove that we have heard way too many times in the recent years for it to be truly effective.


In spite of the group's commendable originality, NOTHINGFACE have not yet developed their songwriting skills enough to allow them to produce the kind of top-notch hooks that are required for mass consumption, and consequently their songs never truly come to life the way that they should. Having said that, Violence is a promising release from a band that seemingly has the necessary talent to take their music to the next level, and with a bit of luck, their next effort could be a monster.

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