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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DARK FUNERAL and MNW/No Fashion Records would like to announce that effective IMMEDIATELY they are no longer contractually bound to Necropolis Records. Official termination of contract papers were delivered to Owner/Operator Paul Thind of Necropolis Records as of week ending 1...
November 29, 2002

ABORYM Singer Arrested For Possession Of Ecstasy Pills

Former MAYHEM and current ABORYM singer Attila Csihar is currently being held in jail in Treviso, northern Italy, where he was recently arrested for possession of 158 ecstasy pills and a small amount of hash. "We don't know yet about how much he will get, but a trial should be set around December,"...
November 20, 2002

Former EMPEROR Drummer Inks Deal For New Project

Norwegian black metallers SHADOW SEASON, featuring ZYKLON/ex-EMPEROR drummer Trym, bassist/vocalist B. Winter, and guitarist Void, have inked a deal with Portugal's Sound Riot Records and will issue a four-song EP, titled "The Frozen", in December. Recorded and mixed at Tram Lydstudio during the sum...
November 20, 2002

ZYKLON Line Up Norwegian Gigs

Norway's ZYKLON, featuring Zamoth (a.k.a. Samoth) and Trym of EMPEROR, have announced the following dates during December: Dec. 13 – Sandnes, NOR @ Tribute (w/ BLOOD RED THRONE) Dec. 14 – Oslo, NOR @ Betong (w/ BLOOD RED THRONE, CADAVER INC., NOCTURNAL BREED) As previously reported, ZYKLON have near...
November 18, 2002

Former EMPEROR Drummer Reflects On Past, Looks Forward To Future

Former EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun is due to be freed in December after spending nine years and four months in prison for murdering a homosexual man. Speaking to Britain's Terrorizer magazine, he outlined some of his feelings about the past and plans for the future, which include occupying t...
November 2, 2002


GREEN CARNATION, featuring former EMPEROR / SATYRICON / EINHERJER bassist-turned-guitarist Tchort, is planning to enter the studio in January to record its new album, titled "The Writings On The Wall". The follow-up to last year's acclaimed "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" will contain "a little more...
October 30, 2002

EMPEROR To Issue 'Best Of' Collection In March

The now-defunct EMPEROR will issue a "best of" collection, titled "Scattered Ashes - A Decade of Emperial Wrath", through Candlelight Records in March. "Put together in cooperation with guitarist Samoth, the album is a fitting soundtrack for a band that will forever remain critical to [black metal]'...
October 29, 2002

ZYKLON Finish Writing New Album

Norway's ZYKLON, featuring Zamoth (a.k.a. Samoth) and Trym of EMPEROR, have nearly completed work on the material for their next album, which will record early next year for a tentative summer 2003 release. The follow-up to last year's "World Ov Worms" CD will feature Secthdamon (ODIUM, MYRKSKOG) on...
October 25, 2002

DISSECTION Set Release Date For Live Album

DISSECTION's much-anticipated live album, titled "Live Legacy", will finally see the light of day on February 17 through Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded at Wacken Festival 1996 in Wacken, Germany, the album will include live renditions of such DISSECTION classics as "The Somberlain", "Thorns Of Crim...
October 18, 2002

Former EMPEROR Drummer To Issue Press Statement Following Release From Prison

Former EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun, who is due to be freed in December after spending nine years and four months in prison for murdering a homosexual man, will release a press statement upon his release, "a text dealing with memories, visions and general thoughts concerning the past, present...
September 16, 2002

Former EMPEROR Drummer Speaks Out On DISSECTION Collaboration

Ex-EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun recently commented on the prospect of uniting with another former convict, DISSECTION mainman Jon Nödtveit, for the first DISSECTION album since Storm of the Light's Bane, which is tentatively due to be recorded next year for a 2004 release. In an interview pub...
September 8, 2002

DARK FUNERAL: Promoter Is To Blame For Australian Tour Cancellation

Sweden's DARK FUNERAL have rejected accusations by an Australian promoter that their "unprofessionalism" has resulted in their proposed Australasian tour being cancelled and have blamed the promoter's own unethical behavior for the tour's failure to materialize. "Well, what can I say????" bassist/vo...
September 3, 2002

HALCYON Seek Guitarist/Vocalist

HALCYON, Wisconsin's self-proclaimed "kings of melodic, ferocious, technical death metal," are seeking a permanent guitarist/vocalist with great vocal AND lead guitar abilities. According to the band, "our music is fast, melodic and technical. Influences include EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, OPETH, TESTAME...
August 28, 2002

DARK FUNERAL Confirm DOMINION's Departure, Vow To Carry On

Sweden's DARK FUNERAL have officially confirmed the departure of guitarist Dominion from the group's ranks (as first reported here on August 11th). The following is a statement from bassist/vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula: "It's a sad day for DARK FUNERAL. Dominion, our brother and long-time friend...
August 15, 2002

ROB HALFORD: "I'd Like To Make A Black Metal Album With EMPEROR's IHSAHN"

Former JUDAS PRIEST and current HALFORD frontman Rob Halford has sensationally revealed to Revolver magazine that he has aspirations to collaborate on an album with ex-EMPEROR singer Ihsahn. "I'd like to make a black metal record with Ihsahn from EMPEROR," Halford responded when asked to name a musi...
August 12, 2002