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ANDY SNEAP Speaks Out On Recent Activities And Upcoming Projects

Acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (i.e. MACHINE HEAD, STUCK MOJO, SKINLAB, NEVERMORE, etc.) posted the following update via his web site at "Things, as usual, have been pretty relentless. I've taken some time off this last month due to being totally exhausted with the work sch...
May 30, 2002

BANG YOUR HEAD Festival: Final Running Order Announced

The final running order for this year's Bang Your Head festival, which is scheduled to take place in Balingen, Germany on June 28th and 29th is as follows: Friday, June 28th: RIVAL MÄGO DE OZ RHAPSODY JAG PANZER SYMPHONY X CANDLEMASS OVERKILL GAMMA RAY FOZZY NIGHTWISH SAXON Saturday, June 29th: S.A....
May 29, 2002

New FOZZY MP3 Clip Available For Download

An MP3 clip of the track "To Kill a Stranger" from the forthcoming FOZZY CD, entitled Happenstance, can be downloaded from this location. FOZZY features in its ranks WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, acclaimed producer Andy Sneap and former members of STUCK MOJO. ...
May 1, 2002

FOZZY/SICK SPEED Update Courtesy Of Guitarist RICH WARD

A FOZZY/SICK SPEED update courtesy of guitarist Rich Ward (ex-STUCK MOJO): We started recording the new FOZZY CD on Jan. 9th and I didn't finish until March 29. We had a couple of days off here and there, but I used those days to work on the new SICK SPEED material. We worked from 2 ...
April 14, 2002

FOZZY Confirmed For Germany's BANG YOUR HEAD Festival

FOZZY, featuring WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, former members of STUCK MOJO and producer Andy Sneap, are the latest act to have been confirmed for this year's Bang Your Head festival, which is scheduled to take place in Balingen, Germany on June 28th and 29th. The full list of artists currently schedu...
April 5, 2002

FOZZY, SICK SPEED To Play WWF In New York City

FOZZY, featuring members of SICK SPEED and WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, will be teaming up with SICK SPEED for a show at the The World (WWF NY) in New York City on April 5th. In other news, check out the cover for the upcoming sophomore FOZZY CD, entitled Happenstance, at SICK SPEED's official web si...
March 21, 2002

FOZZY Complete Work On Happenstance

FOZZY, who include in their ranks WWF wrestler Chris Jericho (aka Moongoose McQueen),ex-STUCK MOJO/currentSICK SPEED guitarist Rich Ward (aka Duke Larue),ex-STUCK MOJO/current SICK SPEED drummer Bud Fontsere (aka KK Laflame),and acclaimed British metal producer Andy Sneap (aka Lord Bayden Powell)...
March 15, 2002

ANDY "Undie" SNEAP Shoots From The Hip!

It's been quite some time since we last got an official update from former SABBAT guitarist and acclaimed producer Andy Undie Sneap, so in the interest of making up for lost time, we will let this English fool fill us in what he's been up to. And while at it, we'll even let him have ...
January 29, 2002

SICK SPEED, FOZZY Postpone West Virginia Dates

The SICK SPEED/FOZZY shows in West Virginia originally scheduled for March 1st and 2nd have been postponed to sometime in April due to FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho (of WWF fame) having to fulfill prior commitments in Japan. ...
January 22, 2002

Producer ANDY SNEAP Lands Guitarist Gig With FOZZY!

Former SABBAT guitarist and acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap has joined FOZZY (featuring WWF wrestler Chris Jericho and ex-members of STUCK MOJO) under the stage name “Lord Edgar Bayden Powell”. Here is the band's official press release on the matter: “FOZZY is happy to announce the addition of...
January 16, 2002

FOZZY Re-Sign With Megaforce, Acquire New Bassist

Here's a not-to-be-taken-seriously press release from the FOZZY camp (featuring former members of STUCK MOJO and WWF wrestler Chris Jericho): FOZZY IS EXCITED AND ARROGANT TO ANNOUNCE A NEW SEVEN FIGURE RECORD DEAL WITH MEGAFORCE RECORDS. "After entertaining many offers from some of the biggest reco...
January 15, 2002


An eight-track demo version of STUCK MOJO's “Raise The Deadman”, recorded solely by guitarist Rich Ward during the songwriting sessions for the group's Declaration Of A Headhunter CD, can be downloaded from this location. In related news, FOZZY—who feature in their ranks Ward and ex-STUCK MOJO/curr...
January 10, 2002


Atlanta's SICK SPEED, featuring ex-STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward and drummer Bud Fontsere, and FOZZY (which includes in its line-up Ward, Fontsere and WWF wrestler Chris Jericho) will appear at The Shack in Anaheim, California on Friday January 18th. The show will also serve as a showcase for SICK...
December 31, 2001

FOZZY To Record New CD In January!

Atlanta's FOZZY, featuring members of SICK SPEED/STUCK MOJO and WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, will be entering the studio on January 6th to begin recording their as-yet-untitled second full-length CD for a spring release through Megaforce Records. Like its predecessor, the upcoming album will consist...
December 25, 2001

Archive News Nov 19, 2001 - update 1

The recently-reunited classic CANDLEMASS line-up—vocalist Messiah Marcolin, bassist/founder Leif Edling, guitarist Mats Björkman, lead guitarist Lars Johansson and drummer Jan Lindh—will perform a five-song set at the Christmas bash, dubbed Black Lucia, of Sweden's premiere metal magazine, Clos...
November 19, 2001