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Reminiscent of a time when melodic death metal was striding purposefully into more progressive waters, CROWNSHIFT are a new force from a reliable source. All noted contributors to Finland's remorseless metal scene, this meeting of like minds arrives with little fanfare, and a low-key, self-titled an...
May 10, 2024


CEMETERY SKYLINE, the new band featuring Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY, THE HALO EFFECT) on vocals, Markus Vanhala (INSOMNIUM, OMNIUM GATHERUM, I AM THE NIGHT) on guitar, Santeri Kallio (AMORPHIS) on keyboards, Victor Brandt (DIMMU BORGIR, WITCHERY, ex-ENTOMBED/ENTOMBED A.D., ex-FIRESPAWN) on bas...
April 2, 2024

Defectum Omnium

Five years on from "Mourn the Southern Skies", EXHORDER are in no mood for chasing heritage status. An album that built upon the Louisiana band's pioneering legacy, "Mourn…" was joyously received and showered with critical plaudits that finally gifted them a momentum that was never quite secured bac...
March 6, 2024

Founding EXHORDER Guitarist Says He Wrote 95% Of Group's Music, Claims His Former Bandmates Are Still Not Playing Old Songs Correctly

In a new interview with Germany's Into The Pit, founding EXHORDER guitarist Vinnie LaBella, who exited the band four years ago, was asked what he thought of EXHORDER's decision to carry on as a four-piece, with singer Kyle Thomas now playing second guitar and writing much of the music for the group....
March 3, 2024

KYLE THOMAS Talks The Boost PAT O'BRIEN Has Given To EXHORDER: 'He's The RANDY RHOADS Of Extreme Music'

By David E. Gehlke Cult New Orleans thrashers EXHORDER formally welcomed former CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Pat O'Brien into the fold when 2024 got underway. O'Brien had spent the previous two years playing live gigs with the band and lent his lead skills to their new "Defective Omnium" full-length, b...
February 26, 2024

EXHORDER's KYLE THOMAS: 'I Think It's A Good Thing PANTERA Is Back In Business'

In a new interview with the "Scars And Guitars" podcast, vocalist Kyle Thomas of New Orleans-based thrash metal pioneers EXHORDER once again spoke about his band's supposed influence on PANTERA's decision to move from a power metal act to a more aggressive form of thrash. Asked if he still gets ques...
February 21, 2024

EXHORDER's KYLE THOMAS: 'People Are So Happy To See' Ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE Guitarist PAT O'BRIEN 'Back In Action'

In a new interview with Metallerium, EXHORDER frontman Kyle Thomas was asked about the changes in the band's lineup in recent years. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Currently, the lineup that we have, fortunately, three of us — myself, Jason [VieBrooks, bass] and Sasha [Horn, drums] —...
February 11, 2024

EXHORDER Shares Music Video For New Single 'Forever And Beyond Despair'

Thrash and groove trailblazers EXHORDER will release their fourth full-length album, "Defectum Omnium", on March 8 via Nuclear Blast Records. The official music video for the LP's second single, "Forever And Beyond Despair", a ripping and gripping pit thrasher with massive riffs and blistering solos...
February 9, 2024

Former CANNIBAL CORPSE Guitarist PAT O'BRIEN Is Planning Solo Project

Former CANNIBAL CORPSE and current EXHORDER guitarist Pat O'Brien has announced plans to work on a solo project. The 58-year-old musician, who made headlines in December 2018 when he was arrested for burglary and assaulting a police officer while his Florida home was in flames, touched upon some of...
January 19, 2024

EXHORDER Announces New Album 'Defectum Omnium', Shares 'Year Of The Goat' Music Video

Thrash and groove trailblazers EXHORDER will release their fourth full-length album, "Defectum Omnium", on March 8 via Nuclear Blast Records. Featuring 12 crushing tracks and ominous cover artwork by Travis Smith (KATATONIA, OPETH),the album follows the band's critically revered 2019 release "Mourn...
January 12, 2024

SODOM, BLIND GUARDIAN, MY DYING BRIDE, EPICA And ANGRA Among Confirmed Bands For 2024 Edition Of 70000 TONS OF METAL

SODOM, BLIND GUARDIAN, MY DYING BRIDE, EPICA, UNLEASHED and ANGRA are among the confirmed bands for the the twelfth edition of the the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise, which will sail on January 29 to February 2, 2024 from Miami, Florida to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and back, on board the luxury p...
June 27, 2023

Anno 1696

It's not unusual for bands to pay a price for being consistent. INSOMNIUM have trundled along, fruitfully and without fuss, for the last two decades; unquestionable masters of a frosty but full-blooded strain of metal that spits fire into the night sky, equidistant between black and melodic death me...
February 23, 2023

While The Gods Are Sleeping

It takes a talent of considerable size to truly harness and express the pure essence of any of heavy metal's many subgenres. Having the ability to conquer more than one of them is, with all due respect, taking the piss. Arguably best known as guitarist and creative mastermind behind melodic death me...
May 4, 2022


Twenty-five years into a creatively glittering career, OMNIUM GATHERUM are still the great unsung heroes of melodic death metal. The last 20 years have been a weird time for the subgenre, not least due to metalcore's plundering of its key tenets, but while many of us are inclined to hide behind the...
November 2, 2021

DEMON HUNTER Drops Reworked Version Of 'I Will Fail You' From New Album 'Songs Of Death And Resurrection'

DEMON HUNTER has released a reworked version of "I Will Fail You" from its forthcoming album, "Songs Of Death And Resurrection", a mostly acoustic and stripped-down effort, due March 5 via Solid State Records. "Songs Of Death And Resurrection" features 11 new "Resurrected" versions of classic DEMON...
January 16, 2021