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Ex-VENOM Drummer ABADDON: 'I Don't Think Artificial Intelligence Has Any Place In Our Form Of Music'

In a new interview with Get Heavy UK, former VENOM and VENOM INC. drummer Abaddon (real name: Antony Bray) weighed in on a debate about people using an A.I. (artificial intelligence) music generator as a tool to create melodies, harmonies and rhymes based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms a...
June 17, 2024

Plays Metallica Vol. 2

Everything comes back around eventually. When APOCALYPTICA first caught the metal world's ears, it was in their earliest incarnation as a METALLICA covers band. Released in 1996, "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos" was so convincing, and so much fun, that it almost seemed a shame that the Finnish virtu...
June 6, 2024

STRYPER's ROBERT SWEET: 'The Holy Spirit Gave Us The Courage To Go And Do This'

In a new interview with Rocking With Jam Man, STRYPER drummer Robert Sweet was asked if it is harder nowadays for him and his bandmates to put their Christian beliefs into a song compared to how it was when STRYPER first started out. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I wouldn't say...
June 1, 2024

STRYPER's ROBERT SWEET: In A Way, The Music Industry Is 'Kind Of The Devil's Industry'

In a new interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine, STRYPER drummer Robert Sweet said that the band was never fully embraced by the heavy metal and hard rock communities, largely because of the group's Christian lyrics. "I think, and a lot of people have told us, especially in the industry, 'If you guy...
May 28, 2024

Original VENOM Guitarist JEFF 'MANTAS' DUNN Suffers Second Heart Attack

Original VENOM and current VENOM INC. guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn has revealed that he recently suffered another heart attack. The 63-year-old British-born musician, who currently resides with his wife in Portugal, previously suffered a heart attack and underwent a double bypass surgery in May 2018...
May 3, 2024

Banished By Sin

Satan be praised. Uncle Glen is back. DEICIDE were always special. The rabid, vitriolic embodiment of everything that made death metal destructive and dangerous, the Floridian legends were the genre's most notorious band. Still to this day, those first three albums beat the living crap out of just a...
April 23, 2024

DEATH ANGEL's TED AGUILAR On WILL CARROLL's Near-Death Experience With COVID: 'It Was Scary'

In a new interview with Colombia's Colonia Records, DEATH ANGEL guitarist Ted Aguilar spoke about what it was like to see one of his bandmates, DEATH ANGEL drummer Will Carroll, coming close to death after contracting COVID-19 in March 2020, making Will one of the first metal musicians diagnosed wit...
April 1, 2024

In The Twilight Grey

Admirers of blackened death metal can always rely upon NECROPHOBIC to keep things simple. Ever since the release of the instantly iconic "The Nocturnal Silence" (1993),&nbsp these stalwarts of the underground have sustained their uncompromising vision of extremity, rarely deviating from the blueprin...
March 14, 2024

The Catalyst

Contrary to popular opinion, AMARANTHE have never been a symphonic metal band. Throughout their 16 years of active service, it may have been a source of some irritation to founder Olof Mörck that his band have been so routinely and lazily lumped in with that particular subgenre. The truth is that AM...
February 20, 2024

Anthology of Horror

VINCENT CROWLEY is best known for the three decades he was the ringleader of the blasphemous blackened death metal beast ACHERON, and from that band's ashes, he has emerged with this, his eponymous project. He's even made his mark in the pop cultural sphere, having appeared several times on popular...
February 19, 2024

DEICIDE Releases New Single 'Sever The Tongue', Shares 'Banished By Sin' Album Details

In an act of audacious defiance that is sure to ignite controversy, death metal titans DEICIDE have released their provocative new single "Sever The Tongue" today, Ash Wednesday, adding a layer of blasphemy to this day's observances. This amplifies the band's notorious reputation for challenging rel...
February 14, 2024

STRYPER's MICHAEL SWEET Praises JUDAS PRIEST For 'Having The Courage' To Write A Song About Jesus: 'That Takes Guts'

Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER has praised JUDAS PRIEST for having the "courage" to "write a song about Jesus". Earlier today (Friday, February 2),the 60-year-old Sweet, who was born in California but resides in Massachusetts, shared the cover art for PRIEST's new single, "Crown Of...
February 2, 2024

BEHEMOTH Announces Summer 2024 European Tour

Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH have announced the "O Father, O Satan, O Svmmer" 2024 European tour. The trek is described in a press release as "a monstrous voyage through the continent to perform upon huge outdoor festival stages and selected club shows, accompanied by a wickedly curated lineup...
January 26, 2024

Lucifer V

When the Devil invented rock 'n' roll, this is almost certainly what he had in mind. Not entirely surprisingly, "Lucifer V" is the fifth album by LUCIFER. Like its predecessors (doomy debut "Lucifer" possibly excepted),&nbsp it sounds like a candlelit riot in some ornately decorated but seedy dive b...
January 24, 2024

Watch: FOO FIGHTERS Joined By JACK BLACK For Cover Of AC/DC's 'Big Balls' In New Zealand

Actor and TENACIOUS D singer Jack Black joined FOO FIGHTERS on stage on Saturday (January 20) at Auckland, New Zealand's Mount Smart Stadium to perform a cover of the AC/DC classic "Big Balls". Also appearing with Black, who is currently in New Zealand filming the "Minecraft" movie, and the FOO FIGH...
January 20, 2024