ABORTED Complete Work On New Album

December 25, 2004

Belgian gory death metallers ABORTED have posted the following message on their web site:

"The recordings [for the new album, 'The Archaic Abattoir'] are done and went splendid! It was an honour and pleasure to work with [producer] Tue Madsen and we are most satisfied with the work so far. We should be getting the mix early January so you will all have a preview somewhere mid-January on this site! Keep your eyes open! Guest appearances on this album as well, we had Jacob from HATESPHERE, Bo from ILLDISPOSED and Michael from MNEMIC do some backups, thanks to them for that shizzle!

"Artwork is also going pretty smooth, updates will be placed once this is finished as well. All in all we're very happy with how things have been going for this new record so far & can't wait to share the mayhem!"

In a brand new interview with the Antenna webzine ABORTED vocalist Sven and guitarist Thijs spoke in detail about the new album and their plans for the future. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Antenna: Expectations are quite high to the follow-up to "Goremageddon". Are you confident in the outcome of your stay at Antfarm?

Sven: "I think it's a little bit hard to say already now because we basically had to write everything in a couple of months and we still haven't heard anything finished but as far as the songs themselves go I think it's definitely a step up music-wise because there's more variation and thinks have been worked through."

Thijs: "I think we have evolved more as a band music-wise. It's just we don't want to repeat ourselves. We are pretty satisfied with 'Goremageddon' but we don't want to make the same album over and over again."

Sven: "You have these bands that just find an album that get good critics and they just write the same thing over and over. That's not what we want to do, of course we sound as the same band but we just want to try to make what we ourselves think could be done better than what we did before and not just copy."

Thijs: "I think that's also because we are not listening just to death metal. Personally I listen to a lot of different music and you can hear that in the music I guess."

Antenna: How long have you been working on the new material?

Thijs: "Two or three months. I started in September."

Sven: "Fre, the guitarist, worked on it for maybe three months but as a band not more than two months, I think."

Thijs: "Yeah, but I just graduated so I worked everyday on the songs. So it's not like we did it one hour a day, it was pretty intense."

Sven: "We were really working hard and we had this deadline so we had to get things done in time so everybody did a lot of sacrifice and devotion in order to get this record done."

Antenna: So you have written it collectively?

Sven: "Let's say the guitarists basically came up with riffs and the basic songs and we then all went through it and everybody had their opinion like; "This could be better and maybe we could try this" and stuff like that. Basically it came up from the guitarists but the whole band kinda had their influence in piecing the puzzle together."

Antenna: To people who haven't heard the new material how would you say it compares to "Goremageddon"?

Sven: "I'd say it's in the vein of 'Goremageddon' and the EP but maybe just a bit more mature and diverse I guess. There's definitely a lot more variation which is what we wanted to do."

Thijs: "Yeah because we really like fast music and making fast music. I think when you have variation the fast parts have more effect and if it's just one running train of blastbeats then I think it's less in your face. When you have a slow part, a headbanging part and then you go back to the fast part then it's more in your face."

Sven: "And the other way around, I guess."

Thijs: "And I don't think it's less brutal because it's not always blast, you know."

Sven: "Yeah. Personally I find it cool that way and I know it's the case with everyone in the band. We don't listen that much or enjoy listening to an album that is full throttle all the time and there's nothing else going on there. I mean it's pointless, after two songs you've heard the CD. I think it's more interesting to mix it up with some different things and still keeping the main focus on being a fast and brutal band but making it a little more interesting."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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