September 20, 2014

Caliber TV conducted an interview with vocalist Frank Palmeri of the Queens, New York-based deathcore act EMMURE at the Aftershock festival, which was held on September 13-14 in Sacramento, California. You can now watch the chat below.

EMMURE's seventh full-length album, "Eternal Enemies", was released on April 15 via Victory Records. According to a press release, the CD "is without a doubt the most aggressive, brutal and devastating of [album of the band's] career."

The "Enemy Lines" DVD features over 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes and in-studio footage of the band making "Eternal Enemies" along with EMMURE's entire music video catalog featuring eight official music videos from previous releases, one lyric video, and two brand new music videos for "Like LaMotta" and "Nemesis".

In a recent interview with KillYourStereo.com, EMMURE rhythm guitarist Jesse Ketive stated about "Eternal Enemies": "Every record is a different piece of artwork, and, you know, we'll try to write an album one way, or another way to try and make things happen. But I do think that this one came together the best. Everyone really got more inputs, and everyone's ideas were really put out more on here. I think this one is the best, as far as the quality of writing goes and how we feel about it."

Regarding EMMURE's decision to rename the opening song to the album, "Bring A Gun To School", Ketive said: "It's being released as 'Untitled'. Long story short, some people would perceive it as a bad thing, or as if we're trying to knock on school shootings, which is how it started out when we released it, or maybe that stores won't put our CD in there store, or that certain sponsorships might not want to deal with that, so we just changed up. And this just drives us more when people talk about us, even when it's bad talking."

He continued: "At first I did take [the title] as offensive, because I didn't understand, and then I read the explanation and see what it is and where it's coming from and how it's pretty much just testament to how people get sore to anything you do or say. He [EMMURE singer Frankie Palmeri] decided, Well, I'm just gonna say this,' as it was more personal, about getting bullied, and not about knocking on school shootings, which is what most people would think at first."

"E" video:

"Like LaMotta" video:


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