Ex-WHITE LION Singer MIKE TRAMP To Release 'You Only Get To Do It Once' Single

December 28, 2021

Former WHITE LION frontman Mike Tramp will release a new single, "You Only Get To Do It Once", on January 7. It is described in a press release as "an honest, stripped-down rock song with all elements that make Tramp such a recognized and loved artist — an autobiographic reflection with a disarming chord progression and a melody that will haunt you for days."

Tramp stated about the track: "It seems that all I do these days, is look in the review mirror to see where I've been and what I've done. When time almost stand still, compared to how it used to move too fast. I now look for things that made me happy and the reason why they did. Being a totally nostalgia freak and one who doesn't want to let go of the good times and the real times, when the world I lived in was a nice place. It now becomes even more important, that whatever you do, you better do it full out, 'cause 'You Only Get To Do It Once'. With that being said, I am happy and satisfied that I gave it all I had, spent my money when I could and it mattered and lived my life the way it should be. These days I write songs about it, but it's not the same as when I lived it."

"You Only Get To Do It Once" was created exclusively for Trampthology.com and is already available there.

"For the next few weeks. I will be introducing and presenting to you Trampthology, a safe place where we together can share my music and other things I do, without having unwanted intruders or unwelcome guests," Mike said. "Time has come for me to have my own place and one of the first things and an exclusive to Trampthology members. This brand new song and video is only the beginning, as I will feel much more up to sharing my music with you who cares about it. Stay tuned and hang in there."

"You Only Get To Do It Once" recording lineup:

Claus Langeskov: bass
Rene Shades: acoustic guitar
Mike Tramp: all the rest

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