H.R. GIGER/CELTIC FROST and HELLHAMMER Merchandise Now Available Online!

November 30, 2006

CELTIC FROST has announced the online availability of two new lines of globally exclusive merchandise through CELTIC FROST's Webstore.

* The only legitimate H.R. Giger/CELTIC FROST "To Mega Therion" merchandise featuring H.R. Giger's "Satan I" painting is now available online through both the "Europe" and "America" webstores on www.celticfrost.com.

* Equally exclusive is the introduction of official HELLHAMMER merchandise. This is the first time ever that official HELLHAMMER merchandise is being manufactured since HELLHAMMER's inception in May 1982; consequently, this is the only non-bootleg HELLHAMMER merchandise ever released.

The first item to be launched is the "Satanic Rites" demo design of December 1983, which is available as wristband, zipper hoodie, longsleeve, and t-shirt (sizes M, L, XL). Further merchandise designs planned for future release in the HELLHAMMER Edition will be based on the "Triumph of Death" demo artwork and the "Apocalyptic Raids" EP artwork. The introduction through the "America & Worldwide" webstore will occur slightly later, but this is expected to take place shortly.

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