IRON MAIDEN: 'Number Of The Beast' CAMP CHAOS Video Posted Online

January 6, 2005

To promote the European release of their "The Number of the Beast" single, IRON MAIDEN's U.K. record label, EMI Records, are currently streaming the Camp Chaos version of the video at their web site. Check out the video at this location. EMI are also offering free animated IRON MAIDEN signatures for all fans to add to their e-mail messages. Grab them at this location.

Also on the MAIDEN-related front, EMI are offering a number of official IRON MAIDEN ringtones. It's unclear if these are polyphonic and if they're accessible from outside the U.K. More information is available at link

Finally, IRON MAIDEN are offering their latest single, "The Number of the Beast", as a free download at this location. A regular version of "The Number Of The Beast", the Priceless Edit of the track and the video for "No More Lies" (filmed live on the Dance of Death Tour) are available at the following prices:

"The Number Of The Beast" - £0.99 /£1.50 sms
"The Number Of The Beast" (Priceless Edit) - £0.99 / £1.50 sms
"No More Lies Video" (Live From Dance Of Death Tour) - £1.50/£1.50 sms

It is unclear if the video is the same that was already available with the limited "No More Lies" single released last year. That video seemed to have been filmed on two nights, one being the Poland date.


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