MÖTLEY CRÜE Singer Slams RIAA For Lawsuits Against Downloaders

September 14, 2003

MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil has taken the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to task for launching — and later quietly settling — a lawsuit against 12-year-old Brianna Lahara for illegally downloading more than 1,000 songs off the Internet. "I just think it's terrible these big companies will go after a 12-year-old," Neil told The Edmonton Sun in an interview last week. "They're the ones who shove Britney Spears and these people down your throat, and then when it's on the Internet and you can download it, why wouldn't you? It just boggles my mind that these companies would be so petty as to do something like this. It's pretty shameful." Neil said he doesn't believe artists are losing a significant amount of revenue from online file-swapping. "If you look at it in the real perspective, it's pennies. It doesn't add up to that much money to sue your fans, because finally your fans are going to go, 'You know what? Fuck you.' You make your money at the concert tours, you're selling your merchandise, they're still going to buy your records too if they're fans."

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