MOTÖRHEAD's LEMMY Says He Wants His Jacket Back Before He Will Speak To ROCK HALL Organizers

March 31, 2012

MOTÖRHEAD mainman Lemmy Kilmister tells the Artisan News that he is furious at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organizers, but it's not just because the Hall has virtually ignored them.

"They lost my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket," Lemmy said. "They had this heavy metal presentation thing and they said, could they borrow a pair of boots and a bass and my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket, so I lent it to them, and they said they lost it. A likely story. Look me in the eye and tell me again. One of their girlfriends is wearing it, no doubt."

When asked if he would accept the honor if the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organizers voted MOTÖRHEAD in now, Lemmy replied, "What honor? They owe me a jacket before I'll even speak to them."

The committee that nominates artists for the Hall has repeatedly ignored a number of acts that many feel deserve induction, including KISS, RUSH, YES, DEEP PURPLE and dozens of others.

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash, who will be in attendance next month when the band is inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, told The Canadian Press that he has mixed feelings about it. "It's sort of a bittersweet thing too because there's so many artists that aren't inducted, that came way before GUNS did, that really actually almost deserve more to be in there and they're not in there," he said, listing off RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, CHEAP TRICK and KISS as examples.

MOTÖRHEAD picked up its first — and only — Grammy Award in 2005 in the "Best Metal Performance" category for the band's cover of METALLICA's "Whiplash", which was featured on "Metallic Attack: Metallica - The Ultimate Tribute" album.

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