NEVERMORE: Album Reissues Detailed

August 11, 2006

Seattle's premier metal outfit NEVERMORE has opened its chamber of secrets, unveiling previously unreleased material as well as various other rarities, which will be used as bonus content for its upcoming re-releases of "Nevermore" (1995),the "In Memory" EP (1996),and "The Politics of Ecstasy" (1996),due in Europe on September 11 (September 8 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux) via Century Media Records. The details of the reissues are as follows:

"Nevermore" CD reissue:

Original album:

01. What Tomorrow Knows
02. C.B.F.
03. The Sanity Assassin
04. Garden of Gray
05. Sea Of Possibilities
06. The Hurting Words
07. Timothy Leary
08. Godmoney

Bonus tracks:

09. The System's Failing
10. The Dreaming Mind (unreleased - from spring 1992 demo)
11. World Unborn (unreleased - from spring 1992 demo)
12. Chances Three (unreleased - from spring 1992 demo)
13. Utopia (unreleased - from 1992 demo)

Total running time: 61:54

Video enhancement: "What Tomorrow Knows"

"In Memory" CD reissue:

Original EP:

01. Optimist or Pessimist
02. Matricide
03. In Memory
04. Silent Hedges / Double Dare
05. The Sorrowed Man

Bonus tracks:

06. The Tiananmen Man (demo)
07. The Seven Tongues of God (demo)
08. Passenger (demo)
09. This Sacrament (demo)
10. 42147 (Instrumental - demo)

Total running time: 53:17

"The Politics of Ecstasy" CD reissue:

Original album:

01. The Seven Tongues of God
02. This Sacrament
03. Next in Line
04. Passenger
05. The Politics of Ecstasy
06. Lost
07. The Tiananmen Man
08. Precognition (instrumental)
09. 42147
10. The Learning

Bonus tracks:

11. Love Bites (JUDAS PRIEST cover)

Total running time: 67:54

Video Enhancement: "Next in Line"

All three NEVERMORE classics have been given new artwork and will include extended liner notes.

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