NONPOINT Wanted To Take A 'More Dangerous Route' With 'Ruthless' Single

June 6, 2021

NONPOINT singer Elias Soriano spoke to Reno's rock radio station Rock 104.5 about the musical and lyrical inspiration for "Ruthless", the recently released title track off the band's upcoming EP. The single was made available through the group own label 361 Degrees Records LLC and was this year's featured track on AEW's "Blood And Guts" on TNT.

Soriano said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "When we came out of [2018's] 'X' [album], we sat down with our producer, Fred Archambault, and had some very deep conversations about where we wanted to take our next body of work. And he felt like what we've heard from a lot of our fans and a lot of our peers that there is a more dangerous route that we can go. And safety wasn't really what we should be aimed at. And right now we're very — we're coining the term 'irresponsible music.'"

He continued: "It is definitely a fun record. We know our fans are reacting well to it. The AEW fans have reacted amazing over the last couple of weeks in the promo for 'Blood And Guts', which a shoutout to that entire camp — an amazing group of people. The administrative side is such a good camp, AEW. But now our fans have really hit the gas with it, and we're noticing with the reaction and seeing it online that things are definitely balled up and ready to go."

NONPOINT launched its independent record label 361 Degrees Records LLC in January of this year. They filmed the process of starting the label and making new music in a docu-series titled "A Path To Independence" that can be seen on the band's YouTube and official web site.

NONPOINT's songs "Bullet With A Name", "Alive And Kicking", "In The Air Tonight", "Circles", "Your Signs", "Everybody Down" and many others have been featured in trailers, hit movies, television, iconic video games, as well as broadcasts from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WWF.

NONPOINT has toured with major acts like DISTURBED, PAPA ROACH, MUDVAYNE and SEVENDUST, to name a few. They have also been featured on the main stages and support stages of iconic festivals like Soundwave, Rock Am Park, Rock Am Ring, Ozzfest, Rock On The Range, Welcome To Rockville and many more.


Elias Soriano (lead vocals)
Robb Rivera (drums)
Rasheed Thomas (guitar, backing vocals)
Adam Woloszyn (bass)
Jason Zeilstra (lead guitar)

Photo credit: Francesca Ludikar

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