Norwegian Metal Pub Crawl With 1349; Video Available

May 31, 2008 has posted the final installment of its four-part Norwegian metal mini-documentary.

The footage was captured over four days in March 2008 when MetalKult editors Brad Angle and Jimmy Hubbard traveled to Oslo, Norway.

In episode four, MetalKult go on a pub crawl through Oslo's hottest metal bars with 1349's bassist Seidemann and guitarist Archaon. As the evening unfolds, MetalKult's cameras capture new discoveries like Aass and snus, as well as all the random, and increasingly absurd, conversation topics such as Commodore 64 tattoos, black tooth grins, Jessie Ventura's acting career and the authenticity of Fran Drescher porn.

Go to to view this rare look into the world of a Norwegian black metal band.

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