See LINKIN PARK's 'In The End' Covered In 20 Different Musical Styles

September 3, 2014

According to The Pulse Of Radio, an artist named Anthony Vincent has recorded a version of LINKIN PARK's signature 2000 song "In The End" in which he approximates 20 other artists each interpreting the tune for a few seconds at a time to see what their versions might sound like. The featured artists include GUNS N' ROSES, KORN, Eminem, Johnny Cash, THE DOORS, ALICE IN CHAINS, LED ZEPPELIN, Frank Sinatra and others.

The track is an offshoot of Vincent's "10 Second Songs" series, in which he takes a popular track and delivers it in a variety of musical styles. The clip ends with an endorsement from LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington, who urges listeners to subscribe to Vincent's YouTube channel.

Bennington told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he felt like LINKIN PARK's music was getting harder to classify. "I think sonically, if people felt like they knew what LINKIN PARK was or they could, they thought they knew what LINKIN PARK's sound was — it's getting harder and harder for us, let alone anybody else, to classify what LINKIN PARK is," he said .

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