December 1, 2017

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES has completed work on its new EP for a tentative early 2018 release. The effort was helmed by British producer Paul Northfield, who first worked with the band back in 1992 when he was the engineer for "The Art Of Rebellion" album. He has since collaborated with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES on many other releases, including last year's "World Gone Mad" full-length.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES frontman Mike Muir told Finland's Kaaos TV this past summer that the band's upcoming EP would be "a little more specifically a statement of the time" and an effort that "could be interpreted as political."

"World Gone Mad" was released in September 2016. The follow-up to 2013's "13" disc was SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' first to feature former SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo and guitarist Jeff Pogan, who replaced Nico Santora in May 2016.

In an interview with Metal Wani earlier this year, Lombardo said that he really hoped there would be more SUICIDAL TENDENCIES records. "I feel like that guy [Mike Muir] has a lot more creativity in him and a lot more energy than to throw in the towel," he said. "I feel Mike is on top of his game, and he's got a great band and great history with this band and I think that we should keep going, and I hope he does. And I'm not gonna stop asking him to record. I'm going to make sure that I keep bugging him: 'Man, we've gotta record. Let's do some recording. C'mon, let's record another album. Why not?' I try to motivate the musicians I'm with because there's no reason to stop. You've gotta keep recording, you've gotta keep creating. It's what we do for a living."

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