THE OBSESSED: Listen To Demo Version Of New Song 'Be The Night'

May 26, 2016

A demo version of the new song "Be The Night" from the reactivated THE OBSESSED, one of the early BLACK SABBATH-influenced doom metal bands on the American continent, can be streamed below. The track will appear on THE OBSESSED's forthcoming studio album, which will be recorded this summer and released in the fall via Relapse.

Guitarist/vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich, who has also played with SAINT VITUS, SPIRIT CARAVAN, THE HIDDEN HAND and SHRINEBUILDER, is joined in THE OBSESSED's current lineup by longtime partner Dave Sherman (SPIRIT CARAVAN, EARTHRIDE) and drummer Brian Constantino (a former THE OBSESSED drum tech).

Weinrich commented on THE OBSESSED's new record deal and the band's reformation: "The time is now for rebirth of THE OBSESSED. Fueled with the anger, wisdom and energy of all things past, this monumental achievement is the culmination of many years of dogged determination and the belief in the music.

"This music that we and many others find healing and inspirational. At last it sees the light, uncompromising and laden with passion and intensity that we'll immortalize on our new album.

"We're happy to officially announce our signing with Relapse Records. They also believe in the music and are very understanding of our integrity, vision and aspirations.

"On tour right now in the USA, we are celebrating this experience with glorious sound. Join us on this golden road. Thanks to all who believe!"

Weinrich announced THE OBSESSED's return in March on social media, explaining in a statement: "All over the world I've listened to friends tell me, 'We want you to bring back THE OBSESSED,' so I have decided to resurrect THE OBSESSED." He added that he was "waiting for the right combination of ability, attitude and personality to accomplish this goal."

Forged in 1976 in Maryland, THE OBSESSED weathered various lineup shifts and an on-again-off-again status over the course of a winding, forty-year history. The band released three now-legendary full-lengths — 1990's "The Obsessed", 1991's "Lunar Womb" and 1994's "The Church Within" — as well as a gaggle of seven-inch singles and compilation appearances.

"The Church Within" was Wino's most critically hailed album. Despite being co-released by Hellhound Records and the major label Columbia Records, the music-buying masses were not ready to embrace doom in 1994 and instead fixated on buying records by rehashed pop-punk bands. Several factors led to "The Church Within" becoming THE OBSESSED's last full-length album. Despite not becoming a top-seller, the album remains hugely influential.

THE OBSESSED is in the middle of a near-month-long U.S. tour with support from THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and KARMA TO BURN.

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