YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Says His Technical Ability Makes It Easier For Him To Express Himself Emotionally Through His Music

May 27, 2015

In a brand new interview with Australia's The AU, legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen was asked about the emotional aspect of his art, as opposed to using only using the technical side of his music to move people so profoundly.

"Well, it's funny, because a lot of people misunderstand that," he said, "Because if you have the technical ability on an instrument, you can actually express yourself emotionally much more efficiently. In other words, if you have the knowledge of exactly what scales, or you know exactly what the vibrato should be, and how to express that noteā€¦ that only comes with a lot of knowledge and technique of the instrument."

He continued: "A lot of people don't expect that because I always use technique, but it's also how you convey and relate the feeling. So, if you have a feeling and you play it in a tune, it's only for you, no one else can really understand what you mean. Whereas if you have the ability on the instrument, then the emotions could be much stronger, more well put out and more projected, because of that. So whether you play fast or slow, it doesn't really matter. Your ability will take care of the conveyance of the emotion in the music. It's the same thing with Ernest Hemingway, or anybody who does something and tries to express something. The art form has to be proficient."

Yngwie is currently working on a new studio album for a late 2015 release. He told Australia's 3D Radio about the recording process for the CD: "Well, it's changed somewhat because [I have] my [own] recording studio now. And it's in my house. And it's not like a home studio; it's a full-blown studio. And it's in here. And I go in here and I see what happens. If I like what I hear, then I use it. If I don't like it, I don't use it. And in the past, I used to do demos. I would do demos, and rehearse it with the band and you rent the studio and go in and record it and so forth. It was a very different process because by the time it was actually recorded, it had gone through so many stages that the spontaneity was gone. Now, it's here now; it's here now. And it's a lovely thing."

Yngwie released a live album, "Spellbound Live In Tampa", and a live DVD, "Spellbound Live In Orlando", last summer. The two releases represent back-to-back Malmsteen shows.

The CD and DVD, both of which are named after Malmsteen's latest studio album, 2012's "Spellbound", were issued on September 17, 2014.

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