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CHRIS JERICHO: 'We Had To Work Twice As Hard To Get People's Respect With FOZZY'

Chris Jericho has known what he wanted out of life since he was a teenager: to be a pro wrestler and to be in a rock 'n' roll band. Most of his high school friends felt that he lacked the tools necessary to get into either, but Chris believed in himself. With the wise words of Master Yoda echoing th...
July 15, 2024

CHRIS JERICHO Is 'One Of The Greatest Frontmen That's Ever Lived In Rock And Roll', Says FOZZY's RICH WARD

In a new interview with the On The Road To Rock podcast with Clint Switzer, FOZZY guitarist Rich Ward reflected on the success of the band he launched 25 years ago with superstar wrestler Chris Jericho. He said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "We're really blessed. The FOZZY band start...
July 11, 2024

NILE Announces 2025 USA Tour With SIX FEET UNDER

Death metal veterans NILE recently announced their highly anticipated tenth album, "The Underworld Awaits Us All", out August 23 via Napalm Records. The LP's breakneck first single, "Chapter For Not Being Hung Upside Down On A Stake In The Underworld And Made To Eat Feces By The Four Apes", arrived...
July 9, 2024

Watch: NILE Performs At HELLFEST As Three-Piece After KARL SANDERS Falls 'Seriously Ill'

NILE founding mastermind/guitarist Karl Sanders was forced to miss the band's June 29 performance at Hellfest in Clisson, France after becoming "seriously ill." The other three members of NILE's current touring lineup — drummer George Kollias, guitarist/vocalist Zach Jeter and bassist/vocalist Dan V...
June 30, 2024

Watch: MAX And IGOR CAVALERA Perform Early SEPULTURA Classics In Dublin During 2024 'Third World Trilogy' Tour

Fan-filmed video of CAVALERA, the band featuring former SEPULTURA members Max and Igor "Iggor" Cavalera, performing on June 13 at The Academy in Dublin, Ireland can be seen below. The setlist was as follows, according to 01. Bestial Devastation (SEPULTURA song) 02. Antichrist (SEPULTURA...
June 18, 2024

NILE Announces First New Album In Five Years, 'The Underworld Awaits Us All'

American death metal icons NILE return in 2024 with their highly anticipated tenth onslaught, "The Underworld Awaits Us All", due out August 23 via Napalm Records. Boasting airtight technicality and unrelenting brutality, the new album pushes each member of NILE — founding mastermind/guitarist Karl...
May 29, 2024

Cascading Memories Of Immortality

If the relentless onslaught of great new death metal bands and albums is becoming overwhelming, do feel free to dip out for a bit and get your breath back. But listen to "Cascading Memories Of Immortality" first. The UK death metal scene is in its rudest state of health since the '90s, but even amon...
May 14, 2024

ACCEPT Shares Lyric Video For New Single 'Frankenstein'

Legendary German/American heavy metal titans ACCEPT have shared the official lyric video for "Frankenstein", the third single from their upcoming album "Humanoid". Due on April 26 via Napalm Records, "Humanoid" was once again produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by critically acclaimed heavy metal...
April 24, 2024

FOZZY's RICH WARD: 'Broken People Make For Great Artists'

In a new interview with Scott Bowling of Good Company With Bowling, FOZZY and STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward, who turned 55 in January, spoke about the physical challenges of the touring lifestyle and knowing exactly the right time to retire. He said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I...
April 4, 2024

FOZZY's CHRIS JERICHO: 'Not As Many People Watch Music Videos Anymore'

In a new interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast, FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho spoke about the success of the band's latest standalone single, "Spotlight", which was released last October via Madison Records/The Orchard. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Yeah, it's amazing because if...
March 28, 2024

ACCEPT Shares Music Video For New Single 'The Reckoning'

Legendary German/American heavy metal titans ACCEPT have shared the official music video for "The Reckoning", the second single from their upcoming album "Humanoid". Due on April 26 via Napalm Records, "Humanoid" was once again produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by critically acclaimed heavy met...
March 27, 2024

FOZZY Announces 25th-Anniversary Tour

FOZZY, the band featuring wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and STUCK MOJO mastermind Rich "The Duke" Ward, will embark on a 25th-anniversary tour this fall. The trek will start October 3 at Madlife Studios in Woodstock, Georgia and run through October 21 in Cleveland, Ohio. Support on the tour will...
March 27, 2024

Nocturnal Will

We all know it when we feel it: that euphoric rush that accompanies the arrival of a truly special heavy metal record into your life. Even in these jaded, desensitized and idiotic times, the very best heavy music can cut through the noise like a laser through dogshit. The fourth album from Sweden's...
March 19, 2024

In The Twilight Grey

Admirers of blackened death metal can always rely upon NECROPHOBIC to keep things simple. Ever since the release of the instantly iconic "The Nocturnal Silence" (1993),&nbsp these stalwarts of the underground have sustained their uncompromising vision of extremity, rarely deviating from the blueprin...
March 14, 2024

NILE Completes Mixing Tenth Studio LP: 'This Album Sounds Killer'

South Carolina's Egyptian-themed death metal titans NILE have completed mixing their new album at a Nashville studio with producer Mark Lewis, who has previously worked with MEGADETH, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER and BAD WOLVES, among many others. Earlier today, NILE shared a short video of founder Karl...
March 4, 2024