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Ex-VIXEN Singer JANET GARDNER Looks Back On Her Life-Saving Brain Surgery: 'I Knew Something Was Seriously Wrong'

Former VIXEN frontwoman Janet Gardner has opened up about the surgery she underwent nearly four years ago to remove blood clots in her brain, a condition known as a subdural hematoma. Subdural hematomas result from bleeding on the surface of the brain, and the condition is most often due to a seriou...
October 30, 2021

JERRY CANTRELL And KIM THAYIL Set For 2022 'The Sounds Of Seattle' Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp In Los Angeles

ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell, SOUNDGARDEN guitarist Kim Thayil and original PEARL JAM drummer Dave Krusen will take part in "The Sounds Of Seattle" Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, set to take place February 17-20, 2022 in Los Angeles. Thayil said in a statement: "The past few years...
September 7, 2021

LORRAINE LEWIS Says 'It Wasn't That Hard Of A Decision' To Join VIXEN

In a new interview with The SDR Show, Lorraine Lewis spoke about how she ended up becoming the new lead singer of VIXEN following the departure of Janet Gardner. She said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "The crazy thing is that, honestly, the night before Roxy [Petrucci, drums] called me to jo...
July 27, 2021


RokIsland Fest 2022 will take place on January 14-17, 2022 in Key West, Florida. Hosted by radio and television personality Eddie Trunk, the inaugural music festival boasts a lineup of legendary hitmakers and hard rock icons, including Bret Michaels, Dee Snider, JACKYL, LOVERBOY, NIGHT RANGER, SKID...
July 26, 2021

Watch VIXEN Perform In Ft. Myers, Florida

Fan-filmed video footage of VIXEN's June 17 performance at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Ft. Myers, Florida can be seen below. Earlier this month, VIXEN guitarist Brittany Denaro (a.k.a. Britt Lightning) spoke to Talking Metal about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's ne...
June 20, 2021


The inaugural Monsters On The Mountain (MOTM),a three-day hard rock music experience brought to you by the creators of the pioneering Monsters Of Rock cruise, has been announced for this October 15-17 at the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge in Tennessee's beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. This immersi...
June 11, 2021

VIXEN Has 'Some Great Ideas' For Next Studio Album

VIXEN guitarist Brittany Denaro (a.k.a. Britt Lightning) spoke to Talking Metal about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's next studio album. "Well, it's going a little bit slower than we had anticipated," she said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "Before COVID, we had a bunc...
June 4, 2021

LEE AARON Turned Down Chance To Front VIXEN In 1990s

In a new interview with the "Ouch, You're On My Hair" podcast, Canadian rock icon Lee Aaron, who is known primarily as a solo artist and songwriter, was asked if she was ever presented with an opportunity to front a major band during her four-decade career. She responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMO...
May 31, 2021

VIXEN's BRITT LIGHTNING Named Musical Director For ROCK 'N' ROLL FANTASY CAMP's Upcoming Camps

VIXEN guitarist Brittany Denaro (a.k.a. Britt Lightning) has been named the musical director for all of Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp's upcoming camps. Britt has been a counselor at previous Rock Camps and has just wrapped up producing and hosting over 160 Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp online masterclasse...
May 25, 2021

ALICE COOPER, QUEENSRŸCHE, TOM KEIFER, SKID ROW, L.A. GUNS Set For 2022 Edition Of 'Monsters Of Rock' Cruise

The annual Monsters Of Rock cruise is returning in 2022 to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Departing out of Miami, Florida, promoter On The Blue announced the five-day/five-night full-ship charter cruise will set sail February 9-14 aboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, visit two ports in Co...
May 11, 2021

JANET GARDNER Has No Regrets About Leaving VIXEN But Doesn't Rule Out Rejoining Band Again

Janet Gardner has opened up to "Waste Some Time With Jason Green" about her departure from VIXEN. The singer, who released her debut self-titled solo album in 2017, broke the news of her exit in a social media post in January 2019. Elaborating on her reasons for leaving the band, Janet said (as tran...
April 7, 2021

VIXEN Bassist 'Couldn't Breathe' For Three Days After Contracting COVID-19: 'I Stayed In Bed For A Month'

VIXEN bassist Share Ross spoke to Metal-Net about how she and her bandmates have been trying to stay creative during the coronavirus pandemic. She said (see video below): "It's been challenging during the quarantine, because we actually ended up in four different cities. So, it's pretty hard to get...
January 31, 2021

Most Viewed BLABBERMOUTH.NET Stories Of 2020

With more than a hundred million pageviews on the books in 2020, this list could rally for miles. For brevity's sake, we've narrowed it down to the top 20 stories — ranked in terms of unique pageviews — as a snapshot of the year that was; tragic losses, tours that never materialized, and an unexpect...
January 4, 2021

MARTY FRIEDMAN Loved METALLICA From Moment He Heard 'No Life 'Til Leather' Demo

Former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman was recently interviewed on "Speak N' Destroy", a podcast about all things METALLICA, hosted by longtime journalist and METALLICA fan Ryan J. Downey. During the lengthy chat, Friedman talks about discovering KISS, his formative bands in Hawaii, hearing the ME...
January 1, 2021

LESLIE WEST: September 2020 Video Interview From 'Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp' Posted Online

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp has uploaded a video interview with Leslie West, the legendary guitarist, vocalist and original founding member of MOUNTAIN, which was recorded less than four months ago — on September 3, 2020 — as part of the Camp's "Labor Day Open House Party." The chat, which was conduc...
December 25, 2020